Craft & Material Studies

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Ceramics teaches histories and traditions connected to clay alongside clay’s technical qualities, production processes, and the tools involved in building with it. In Ceramics, students engage with the concerns of contemporary art discourse while defining an individualized practice for themselves. Class projects encourage students to pursue notions of function, beauty, materiality, critique and narrative in their work. Ceramics offers instruction in hand-building, wheel-throwing, slip casting, and more, including design- and technology-based classes. Students learn the scientific properties of clay and glaze formulation, how to build with the material, and how to fire a comprehensive range of kilns, including electric, gas, salt, soda and wood kilns. Students also work with many other materials and ideas outside of clay, engaging the resources in other departments and collaborations with other faculty and students.

Career Choices

A degree in art and design can lead to multiple creative careers. CCS’s curriculum teaches the type of critical thinking and professional skills that give graduates great flexibility and many options as their careers unfold.

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