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Concept Design

Starting in Fall 2019, the College for Creative Studies will be one of only a few colleges in the world to educate and prepare students to become concept designers.

Concept designers bring stories to life, envisioning every design element —from props and scenery to costumes and characters, they help design everything an audience visually experiences. Think of it this way: a scriptwriter knows who Wonder Woman is, while a concept designer shows the viewer the island she came from, the costume she wears and even the bracelets she uses to repel bad guys’ bullets.

With a curriculum developed by Entertainment Arts (EA) Chair and veteran concept designer Tim Flattery (credited in films such as Captain Marvel, Avengers: Infinity War, Transformers and The Hunger Games), Concept Design at CCS is an intimate, competitive program that takes a deep dive into the field, including conceptual skills, 2D and 3D execution, and designing hardware, architecture, characters and environments.

Application Deadline for the Concept Design program is February 1.

Concept Design Portfolio Requirements

Career Choices

A degree in art and design can lead to multiple creative careers. CCS’s curriculum teaches the type of critical thinking and professional skills that give graduates great flexibility and many options as their careers unfold.

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Student Work

Alumni Work

Artwork represented was created by CCS alumni and notable concept designers. Special thanks to Tim Flattery, Warren Manser, Ed Natividad and James Oxford.