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Free Pre-Recorded Workshops for Your Classroom

Calling all middle and high school art teachers - let CCS take over your digital classroom! CCS is offering pre-recorded workshops that help students connect the dots between classroom work and careers in art and design.

Each workshop has a short video that links a specific lesson plan to CCS alumni working in the field of design. Students will be introduced to animators, concept artists, and designers working at Nike and Converse.

Art teachers can have access to pre-recorded workshops to use at their convenience. Each lesson is approximately 45 minutes long. For questions, please contact .  

You may choose a pre-recorded workshop from the list below. 

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Animation - Character Development

Create your own character for cartoons or animation in this fun and engaging workshop. Students will learn basic gesture drawing skills that will bring more life to their characters. Students will look at figure drawing in a whole new way.

Career/Goals: Creators, Animators, Voice Actors, Colorist

Alumni Video: Features Chris Houghton and Kassandra Heller, creators of Big City Greens

Automotive Design - Concept Art

Draw a getaway car for the next Marvel or DC Comics movie! Students will learn to sketch from their shoulders and the basic proportions of a vehicle in this unique workshop.

Career/Goals: Concept Art

Alumni Video: Features Tim Flattery and Ed Natividad - Batmobile designers

Creating a Stand Out Portfolio

A great portfolio can open doors to the best colleges of art and design and create better scholarship opportunities. Taught by CCS admissions counselors, students will learn about what colleges are looking for and want to see, along with how to select work, photograph and upload their best work to create a winning portfolio. Helpful for sophomore, junior and senior-level students.

Career/Goals: Admission to Art and Design College

Video: Portfolio Preparation with Admissions Counselor Brandi Keeler

Concept Art - Entertainment Arts

Draw a space vehicle for Star Wars The Mandalorian or any other science fiction series using basic one-point perspective. Students will discover how this basic skill translates to all areas of art and design.

Career/Goals: Concept Design, CGI, SFX, Entertainment Arts

Alumni Video: Features Matthew Dale and Andre Empson - visual effects for Disney's Mandalorian

Fashion Design - Colorways

Design the next Nike Air Force One or shoe collab for your favorite celebrity. Students will learn basic color theory and how it applies to the world of fashion and footwear.

Career/Goals: Fashion Design

Alumni Video: Features Tara Ellis, former color designer at Nike