Incoming Students

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Winter 2021 Orientation

To best prepare you for CCS, New Student Orientation provides you with the information you need to know before coming to campus. New students will complete Pre-Orientation modules via our online Peacock Pride platform prior to New Student Orientation.

Pre-Orientation launches on January 4, 2021.
New Student Orientation takes place on Thursday, January 14 at 8:00am - 11:00am EST via Zoom

All new students will be emailed in early December to create their Peacock Pride accounts in preparation for New Student Orientation. Additional information about accessing the Pre-Orientation content and a link to New Student Orientation will be sent out on January 4th.

Launching on January 4, 2021.
The online Pre-Orientation provides an introduction to CCS and all it has to offer. Made up of video presentations, the online format is designed for new students to progress through the Pre-Orientation content at their own pace. Pre-Orientation topics include: financial aid, campus technology and information systems, campus safety, and more. Pre-Orientation modules will be available on January 4th and must be completed prior to New Student Orientation.

New Student Orientation
Thursday, January 14 at 8:00am - 11:00am EST via Zoom
New Student Orientation takes place on Thursday, January 14th. It is an exciting day that equips you with the tools you need in order to be successful at CCS. This is a chance for you to get to know your campus resources and fellow classmates. The Orientation session will include presentations from campus resources such as Academic Advising, the Student Success Center, Counseling + Wellness, and more!

Pre-Departure PDF Guide:
As a new student you will have a pre-departure guide prepared for you. This useful reference will be emailed to you, after you have enrolled at CCS to help you plan for your move to Detroit. 

International New Student Course Registration & Pre-Departure Meeting:
What: This is a private meeting where you will meet with the ISSO staff on Zoom and ask any questions you have pertaining to visas, travel and arrival information, you will also schedule your Fall 2021 CCS courses with your Academic Advisor. 

When: June, 2021
How: Zoom meeting, by appointment schedule at this link:


Introduction to International Student Resources Online Tutorial:
What: An “Introduction to International Student Resources” tutorial
Please review this important information prior to the International Student Orientation.
How: An Online module link emailed to all new international students

When: Prior to the start of the Fall semester.

International Student Orientation:
What: The International Student Service Office (ISSO) will host 2 days of small group events to introduce students to CCS, the Detroit area, and important immigration regulations. 

**Check-in at this event is mandatory as part of the requirements of your Student Visa** 

When: August 26th & 27th 

How: In-Person at CCS, details will be emailed to all new international students.

Airport Information:
booking your flights? We recommend DTW, Detroit Metropolitan Airport, usually called “Metro Airport,” or just “DTW.” This is a major international airport located outside the city. If you need more information, please contact the ISSO. 

Transportation from the airport:
Transportation is by taxi or other ground transportation methods such as UBER, LYFT or Metro Cab. Refer to your pre-departure guide on airport transportation. The cost will be around $50. Mostly all taxis take credit cards or US Dollars.


Early Housing Move-In: 

What: Move in a few days early to get settled in your new on-campus home! 

When: August 25th 

How: Check-in at your new dormitory, pick up your keys, and CCS ID badge

For information on preparing for Housing move-in, please visit the  Moving In page.