Why CCS?

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Why Should I Choose CCS?

It’s the question we hear the most. And one that’s easiest to answer. Just listen to what our students, alumni, and corporate partners have to say about why they chose CCS.
The real question is “Why wouldn’t you choose CCS?”.

CCS provides you the opportunity to study at a world-class institution that not only gives you the knowledge to become a great artist or designer, but also the experience to prove it through your work. You’ll learn from professionals who know the ins and outs of their industries. You will benefit from small class sizes that offer more individual attention than you’ll find on other campuses.

Alumni Success

CCS alumni know success. They are entrepreneurs. They are working artists. Fortune 500 companies hire them. The stories you will watch here are a testament to the impact CCS alumni are making in the art/design world. All of them dared to dream big. Let their stories inspire you.

Industry Connections

Research projects are highly conceptual and allow students the opportunity to participate in creative, research-based assignments within real-world design parameters. Our corporate partners commit design and technical staff to students by providing guidance, expertise and feedback. Organizations financially sponsor conceptual design projects for CCS students and encourage inventive and unique design concepts.

Networking Opportunities

This past year, through the organization of Career Services, the College for Creative Studies welcomed 227 companies on campus for individual company visits, sponsored research projects and recruiting and professional practices events. Through these visits, students had the opportunity to meet with industry professionals, receive portfolio reviews, practice their interviewing skills and potentially receive an internship or job opportunity.

American Expedition Vehicles
Alion Science Technology
Altair Thinklabs
American Greetings
Angell-Demmel North America
Ann Perry & Partners
Ark Design
Armstrong White
AVL Americas
BMG Media
BMW Designworks

DPro Marketing
Duffey Petrosky
Duo Security
Dura Automotive Systems
Eclipse Creative
Ethicon Endo
Factory Detroit
First Media Group
Ford Motor Company Fund
Form Trends
GE Capital
General Motors
George P. Johnson

Good Done Daily
Green Sky Creative
Group 55 Marketing
Group eX
Hagie Manufacturing
Harley Davidson
Henry Ford Innovation Institute
Herman Miller
Honda R&D
Inteva Products
Johnson Controls

Kenworth Trucks
Leo Burnett
Linkage Design
Lowe Campbell-Ewald
Mahindra GenZe
Marketing Associates
MBCA The Star Magazine
Media Genesis
Midcoast Studios
Middlecott Design
Mitsubishi Electric

Earning a degree from CCS is what will set you apart

Our alumni are employed by companies, galleries, museums and studios where you want to work

CCS enrolls more than 1,400 students seeking MFA & BFA degrees

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“We look to the College for Creative Studies to help us in our day to day business. We actually use CCS student work more than we use our ad agency’s”

Linda McIntosh
Director of Marketing
Somerset Collection

Artists do better in the professional world than most people think. They’re not just finding jobs, but work that is satisfying

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“Everyone around me was so dedicated to what they were doing that it pushed me. You establish that work ethic.”

Dave Hardin
Entertainment Arts ’04
Sr Character Animator - Dreamworks

42% of CCS students graduate with NO debt

There are more than
2.3 million active artists and designers working in the United States.

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“CCS helped me define who I wanted to be and gave me the confidence to go out and become that person”

Jason Mayden '02 
Industrial Design
Nike Inc.

Potential employers sponsor design research projects and work with CCS students to solve real-world problems

CCS offers several distinct lecture series led by prominent, well-known fine arts and design professionals

9:1 Student-to-Faculty Ratio

People spend more than $100 billion annually on video games

More people are employed in the visual arts than in all of the performing arts and sports industries combined

87% of Americans believe arts & culture are important to quality of life

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CCS teaches you not just about being creative, but about being professional and learning how to be comfortable as yourself and with your ideas and creativity.

Erika Kimber '13
Interior Design