Student Affairs

Student Organizations

AD Club
AD Club is a student-led group focused on fostering peer mentorship within the Advertising Department, networking with industry professionals, and staying current on industry happenings.zz

Bridgette Sorval

CCS AIGA is a student-led group focused on fostering peer mentorship within (but not limited to) the Communication Department, networking with industry professionals, and collaborating creatively to fund an annual spring break trip.

Emily Johnson

Black People Meetup+
We are a student-led organization encouraging cultural diversity and inclusion by offering discussions and programming that address the needs and concerns of historically marginalized students. We are committed to providing a safe space for students who support our mission. We're dedicated to encouraging cultural diversity and equity at CCS by offering an inclusive space for sharing, learning, and growth.

Gayla Blake

Chinese Students & Scholars Association 
We seek to help CCS Chinese students in study and life, organize Chinese students to participate in various on-campus and off-campus activities, and try to help them adapt into the new environment. We assist Chinese students to communicate with the consulate of China under emergency situations and provide opportunities to all students at CCS to learn and understand Chinese culture.

Jieyu Wang

C-Project Detroit (The Creative Collaborative Community Project)
A club dedicated to interdisciplinary practices within the arts. From art & design to theater & performance, the C-Project engages its members through civil duty within the Detroit community. Students are prompted with situations where being creative is directly influenced by entrepreneurship and problem solving.

Ackeen Salmon

Creative Corner
A collaborative community for students to utilize their talents in the performing arts. We have breakout sessions in every discipline. Come learn, practice, and have some fun!

Kathleen Weimer

Creativicon: CCS Project Club
Creativicon is a student group where we discuss creating a well-organized convention at CCS that expands the versatility of pop cultures creative arts such as costume, artwork, and photos. The project focuses on building up leadership, management, and communication skills.

Jarvis Byrd

Crit Club: Contemporary Development
A space for students to gain experience and insight from their peers on their work and further explore and develop their critique skills in a safe student-run environment.

Maya Davis

A multi-ethnic community to help every student know and follow Jesus.

Marie Patton

Dungeons & Dragons Club
Dungeons and Dragons Club helps exercise creativity, character creation, and team building. It's a game played primarily through communication, dice rolls, and strategy.

Corina Klippstein

Fighting Game 101
It is our missions to spread the work about fighting games, one person at a time! We teach the basics, discuss terminology and lore, play games, and possibly ideate a concept for a fighting game of your own!

Ziggy Sandifer

Friday Night Magic
Come play Magic: The Gathering with your fellow students! Where you're a pro or just starting out, Friday Night Magic is the perfect space to play Magic at CCS. Meetings are bi-weekly & decks are provided.p.

Nate Durell

Global Student Club 
The Global Student Club is dedicated to the exchange of cultures. It allows International and out-of-state students to experience Michigan and American culture. Open to anyone!

Carlos Hidalgo

Political Debate Club
In the Political Debate Club, we will partake in hot topic discussions. The main goal is to dispel certain myths about each political viewpoint and try to find common ground. With such sensitive topics, debaters will learn how to improve their way of arguing. We hope to improve debating skills and reduce tension between differing political opinions.

Cole Stevens

Peacock Players
The Peacock Players is a laissez-faire take on theatre in which students participate in productions of well-known classical plays with no memorization, no hassle, and no anxiety. They seek to bring the joy of performing arts to the students of CCS without the hassle of memorizing lines.

Dorian Peters

Queers & Allies
Q&A is a space where LGBT+ students and allies can meet to learn about and discuss issues relating to the community, as well as a fun, inclusive meeting place where students may share thoughts, opinions, and experiences in regards to LGBT+ life.

Miriam Brookins

Riso Club is organized for those who already know how to use the risograph and for those who are interested in learning more about risography. We collaborate and create group projects, as well as discuss all things Riso -- from different printing techniques to cool works of art by people outside of CCS.

Max Paddock

Smash Club
CCS Smash Club is a weekly group that plays the video game Super Smash Bros. Open to competitive and casual players.

Paul Hamilton

Soccer Club
CCS Soccer Club is a fun, after class student organization where students can come together and play soccer. If you love soccer, staying active, or just want to take a break from your studies, join us every Tuesday and Thursday at 10:30pm in the TC gym.

Nick Miller

Stage Combat Club
Learn stage combat from peers and professionals. All skill levels welcome! Bokken and lightsabers included.

Emeline Grace

Women in Animation
Women in Animation is the only organization dedicated to advancing women in the field of animation. We envision a world where women share equality in the creation, production, and rewards of animation. We provide resources and connections to make it happen.

Lizabeth Alatorre

Yugioh Club
The Yugioh Club provides a place for Yugioh players to play and watch the anime as well as teach newcomers.

Andrew Petrey